Voluntravelling, it’s a Wonderful Thing

Volunteering during your travels means you can stop spending money for a while (most places exchange work for accommodation and at least two meals a day). It also gives you the chance to slow down and enjoy having somewhere to call home. But what about the exciting stuff? Essentially, it's like being like a child again: interactive, creative, positive and worry-free.


Home is where I feel a little strange

Darius, my housemate, irritated me this morning and it inspired a post, hooray! He asked me what I was up to today, and I told him I was applying for jobs. Darius: ‘But, you’ve already got a job.’ Me: ‘Yeah, but I’m a bit bored of teaching and I’d like to do something more fun. I... Continue Reading →

Rio Carnival

Five days of 24-hour music, hundreds of thousands of revellers in minuscule, feathery outfits, dancingfeetsofastyoucantkeepup and huge smiles. A heart-warming relief when most locals seem to have their ‘I hate Mondays' faces on till Friday. Once the 'Marvellous City', now 'Hell De Janeiro' according to some, it’s not surprising. The state is in so much... Continue Reading →

La Patagonia, Argentina

I'd always wanted to go to Patagonia and after meeting a couple of lovely Argentinians in Colombia, I decided Buenos Aires would be my next stop. Their hospitality was off the scale. I was like a long, lost cousin, meeting all the family, staying at their holiday home and best of all, I made a... Continue Reading →

I Love Colombian Lula

Happiness, more or less, it's just a change in me, something in my liberty... I ended up working at the hostel for two months and Colombians' carefree, loving approach to just about everything was infectious. I think I had a bit of post-teen awakening (the first of many!) Here’s the story, Hollywood: Back-packing Cinderella alternates... Continue Reading →

Volunteering in Colombia 

I volunteered at a hostel in Santa Marta (North Colombia) and it was fab. We worked behind the bar for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week in exchange for 2 meals and a bed. I was dismissive of volunteering at hostels initially, it’s paid work surely?! But actually it gives you the chance... Continue Reading →

Colombia, A Travellers’ Favourite…

Five Colombians in a room invariably turns into a party. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez Everyone I’ve met who’s been to Colombia says it’s fantastic and ten days in, I couldn’t agree more. Music is everywhere and it seems both men and women learn to wiggle their hips in the womb. People are super welcoming by... Continue Reading →

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