A Little Note Before You Go…

Solo trip number – 3 // sleeps till my next trip – 2 // first stop – Vancouver, Canada // return date – we’ll see

– The last few days before you go away are always, always stressful. Even if you’ve been travelling before, making lists for months, there’s an inevitable franticness in the air. ‘I could do this, I could buy that…’ Is it urgent? Is it even worth thinking about? Probably not! So, back to the butterflies and surges of excitement WOOPAAAAA

– It’s the last time you’ll see your friends and family for a while so savour their smiles and cuddles (I like holding them for a few more seconds than normal). You bring them so much joy you have no idea. Equally, their love gives you unbelievable strength – could you go away so flippantly without knowing that on return, you’ll always be welcomed with hugs, kisses and wide, shining eyes?

– Ladies, show your girls how much you love them! In over a year and a half of solo travelling, I’ve only met a handful of women I’ve really clicked with. Maybe because the majority travel together (so we don’t look for company) or we need longer to build trust, I’m not sure. Regardless, it’s definitely made me realise how lucky I am to have such close female friends at home, and a homemade card / silly gift goes a long way.

– When packing, if in doubt leave it behind. Most of us seem to over-pack and once you’re away, I promise you couldn’t care less whether you’re wearing a blue top or a black top. Your mind-set changes almost as fast as your surroundings!

– If you’re a woman travelling alone, revel in the fact that you’re surrounded by some of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet: Big brothers you can bond with, the guys who abandoned conventional lives to be free and share magical stories, the ones that perhaps you spend hours with, but the memories last a lot longer… Also, there are way more guys out there than us so we get pick of the bunch.

– You’ll meet people that blow your mind, whose positivity and warmth make you feel unstoppable. It’ll be wonderful and you’ll want to stick to them like a hungry octopus. But of course we’re always moving, so our time together ends sooner than we want. It’s tough sometimes but it also makes every day rich and unique, you know that cliché “live in the moment”? Yeah, it’s bloody marvellous.

– Lastly, pat yourself on the back! You made a plan (which probably felt like a ridiculous dream initially!), you’ve probably worked hard to save money and now you’re off, gallivanting into a world that’s so, so beautiful.


P.S if anyone has any posts on Canada and/or Central America please feel free to share the love (and links!) below! 





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