Life Lessons in the Argentinian Mountains

Yesterday I was mugged in the countryside in Patagonia, Argentina. Walking along a path, two young guys, jumped out of a bush and threatened me with a hammer each. They almost looked as scared and uncomfortable as I did, a product of a world built on inequality.

I came home, needing a cuddle, and found out a close friend’s mum had passed away. A huge shock, but as the death of loved ones does, I gained perspective (my morning seemed, easy almost!) and was remind of how precious giving and receiving love is.

Fast-forward to this morning, an explosion of Facebook statuses something along the lines of – ‘Trump’s in power, we’re all doomed.’

So now we’re spreading hatred / frustration, isn’t that the reason why we didn’t want Trump in power? Imagine his face, he’ll be revelling in the backlash.

Nutjob politicians, corporations and poor media outlets, share fear, negativity and discriminate for many reasons. But maybe one of those is to prevent us from focusing on all the things we should be grateful for?

– your home?

– the socks keeping your feet warm?

– being alive, how many people go to sleep at night not knowing whether they’ll wake up in the morning?

– lots and lots and lots of love

We’re throttled with so much horrendous news, it’s easy to forget just how beautiful life is. Of course it’s really tough at times, we all face challenges, but we always have things to be grateful for.

We could all learn from today, we could use this big, Trumpy shit to fuel a more conscious way of living: we could boycott some American products, try to reduce our waste (plastic packaging!), buy a homeless person on the street a hot drink, think before we hop in our cars and fund Trump & friends’ goldmine, or just drive a colleague to work… The list is endless and we’ve already started!

If embracing the shit is too much like hard work, we could spread good news more often? In a world where depression, loneliness and anxiety is on the rise, hearing positive news stories is inspiring and lovely.

And if spreading good shit is a little too hippie, we could just smile more? It makes us feel good and it’s infectious!

2 thoughts on “Life Lessons in the Argentinian Mountains

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  1. I’m so sorry about your last 48 hours. I totally agree that screaming hatred doesn’t fix anything and the spread of hatred was one of the many things that I didn’t like about Trump, but this isn’t about politics. This is about humanity and this post is a bright spot in my life. I’m grateful for a loving, supportive husband, a roof over my head, food to eat every single day and the ability to travel the world.
    Thanks for this moment of sunshine today and I hope your days get better and that you find peace. Xx


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