La Patagonia, Argentina

I’d always wanted to go to Patagonia and after meeting a couple of lovely Argentinians in Colombia, I decided Buenos Aires would be my next stop.

Their hospitality was off the scale. I was like a long, lost cousin, meeting all the family, staying at their holiday home and best of all, I made a new big sister.

When I headed down to the South, I couldn’t believe my eyes…

Perito Moreno, one of the few glaciers in the world that is growing instead of shrinking! I can still hear the piercing CRACK as blocks of ice (the size of 4x4s) slid into the water.
Up close, it looked like a giant meringue.
A friend and I rented a tent and spent five days hiking in Parque Nacional de los Glaciares. It was one of the most beautiful five days of my life – trails up mountains, through meadows leading to serene glaciers, rivers and streams so clean you could drink the water…
We’d sit and stare at them for hours, a couple of times I was moved to tears. Stunning.
I love a bit of animal print!

These are photos taken behind and in front of me, to show the varying landscapes and different shades of blue.

This was taken after a steep trek up from Bariloche, the capital of Patagonia, a popular skiing destination in the winter. As the sun went down, I found myself alone in the valley, so I put my iPod in and started dancing. I felt like I was in a Mariah Carey video (in her hey days of course!)


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