Peru: High on Nature

Trekking in the Andes was sublime.

‘What are men to rocks and mountains?’ Jane Austen

You feel tiny surrounded by colossal mountains. Insignificant, calm.  A gentle reminder that there’s so much more to life than our self-indulgent circles.

You feel free: No unnecessary belongings, no daily stress, miles away from a world that encourages you to hurt yourself and others.


The diversity of the mountains was striking; some were dry & alpine-like, whereas others looked like tropical jungles. The skies too were phenomenal:



As you can see, Machu Picchu which is encircled by mountains, like a well-kept secret. The majority of visitors will have been trekking for days or been driven up a spiralling road, so when you get there it’s like arriving at a fairytale palace. You can see the fog lifting as day breaks, enhancing its mystique, and it absolutely matched the ‘breathtaking’ reviews I’d heard previously.

Next stop, volunteering on a farm in Ecuador… Where’s that Inca prince when you need him, eh?

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  1. Ah this is amazing. I am hoping to move to South America next. And I will have to remember this beautiful place to go to when I make it to Peru!


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